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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do I need to do to prepare for my carpet installation?

       If you have contracted Con Carpet to move your furniture please have all             breakables and electronics removed, beds stripped, closet floors &     

       under beds cleared BEFORE installers arrive.


       If you are doing your own take-up and moving your own furniture this       

       should be completed BEFORE installers arrive. 


  • If I am tearing out my own carpet do I need to remove the tack strips?

       Unless the tack strips are damaged leave them and the installers will                      re-use them. If some are damaged the installers can replace as needed.

  • Does Con Carpet offer financing?

        Yes! Please ask your sales associate or designer for current promotional   


  • Does Con Carpet's pricing compare to the big box stores?

       Yes! Because of our long-standing relationships with our suppliers we are             able to negotiate low prices that are competitive with the box stores. Not to           mention our personal one-on-one customer service. We appreciate you                 supporting small local businesses! 

  • Can I check out flooring/carpet samples from your showroom?

       Yes! We encourage you to view samples in your own light at                                     home! We offer 2-day check outs for most samples on our showroom floor.

  • Does Con Carpet offer free estimates?

       We do! Please visit our showroom FIRST to select products for your                          estimate. Your sales associate or designer can set up a measure when         

        you're in.

  • Will the installers clean or vacuum after installation?

       Installers will pick up large scraps and trash but do not carry vacuums or             cleaning supplies on their trucks.

  • What kind of design services does Con Carpet offer?

       Con Carpet has several professional designers on staff. We offer free design         services by appointment in our showroom for both new construction and               remodels.

  • Does Con Carpet sell remnants?

       We do have an annual remnant sale. Follow us on Facebook + Instagram to 

       stay up to date on all of our events!

  • Does Con Carpet bind rugs?

       Yes! While we do not sell premade area rugs we offer custom made rugs.             Pricing will vary depending on the material and binding selected. The                     binding process usually takes 2-3 weeks. 

  • What about my warranty? 

       Each manufacturer will carry it's own warranty for the material itself.       

       Industry standard labor warranty is one year from the date of installation.

  • How long will my new floor last?

      This depends heavily on how the floor is cared for. Always refer to the       

      manufacturer's specifications to keep your warranty valid and to keep your

      floors looking their best. Walk-off mats at entry doors, taking off your shoes,

      regular maintenance/cleaning, vacuuming, professional cleaning, cleaning          up spills quickly and properly, keeping animals nails clipped, using felt                  pads on chairs and plastic mats under rolling chairs will extend the life of              your new flooring.

  • How do I pay my balance after installation?

       We require a half down deposit at the time the order is placed. The balance         is due upon completion of the job. Con Carpet does not save credit card               information and will not mail a final invoice.                                                                   Please call or visit our showroom to pay your balance.                                               We accept Mastercard, Visa, Discover, Cash or Check. 

  • Do I need to seal my tile and grout?                                                                  That depends. Most floor and wall tiles are glazed and do not require a sealer. However, if you have natural stone it is recommended that you regularly seal the material with a penetrating sealer made specifically for natural stone. This is an easy process and will need to be repeated depending on where the tile is located and how much traffic it receives.

       For grout, this will depend on the type of grout. Please see the 'Care +         

       Maintenance" tab on our website for more information.

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